3 Sept 2016

It's time to go again.

Hi there!
Only I brought all things together at home, it's time to leave home for job. And the most disappointing thing is to leave two unfinished projects.
Nissan ZX300 Turbo 1/24 at the moment painted with Tamiya and Vallejo paints. I desided to step away from stock model and make custom.
On the body mix of yellow candy Tamiya X-24 and Mr.Hobby 8 (Silver) under the Tamiya gloss clear coat. Because it is colour of diamonds what will be masked and then applied blue coat. Clear coat is required to seal a candy. If not apply the clear coat, candy will come out through top colour and you get absolutely another effect on your model.

Second project is the skateboard helmet. This is new brand Bell helmet with my design. On this stage finished base coat and sealed with automotive clear. Next going to be polishing clear coat off  the sticked dust and preparation for top paintings.